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Be sure to check out this new video featuring the fabulous
music students of Wyoming!

WSMA supports the Wyoming City Schools music program in the enrichment of every student’s musical experience by providing funding, manpower, and publicity. WSMA serves the Wyoming City Schools by nurturing an environment of musical excellence that is a magnet for student participation, that fosters a life-long love of the musical arts, and that provides a rich cultural experience for our community.



Beats, Eats, and Treats!


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Come for a casual gathering with yummy food and deeelicious music. To complement the brilliance of our fine Wyoming student performances, CWC will serve savory eats by the bite in the first wave and sweet treats by the bite in the second. Choose a ticket for the first session or the second session — or buy one ticket to attend both sessions. Net proceeds go back to WSMA, and a full cash bar will be available throughout the event.  Buy tickets here!

As of October 19:


4:45     Pep Band Members performing outside to begin the event


5:15     5th grade violin group (Phillip Fitch, Maggie Galvin, Rachel Gelhausen, Gwyn Hofmann,
            Lilly Swartz, Penny Webb)

5:30    6th grade violin quartet (Sarah Omidvar, Jillian Siler, Molly Freuchtemeyer, Katie

5:45     Shrek Group: Sam Easton, Jeffrey Evans “Traveling Song”, Sophia Warnicke, Emily Gelhausen,
             and Hannah Bostick “I Know It’s Today”, and Kennedy Madry “Forever”

6:00     Vocal Groups

6:15      String Trio (Paige Jerrell, Madeline Dugan, Maggie Broderick)

6:30     Piano, Phillip Fritz


7:15     Spencer Shore, violin

7:30     Paige Peacock

7:45     Celtic Group (Sara Morehous, Libby Spera, Sarah Schoen, Annie Elliott, Cathy Black,
             Ava Batsel) 

8:00    String Duet  Hannah Lempert and Aiden Holubeck

8:15     String Duet  Catherine Miller and Yu-chia Cheng

8:30     Margot Grom


Yard Signs!  Yard Signs!  Yard Signs!  Yard Signs!

It’s time to order Yard Signs!!  WSMA members are handling the sale of both Music and Drama signs this year.  Order a MUSIC or DRAMA yard sign by October 23, 2017.

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If you prefer to pay by check, please download an order form and follow the instructions for delivering your order.


Please join WSMA in demonstrating our commitment to musical education by volunteering your time, talent, and enthusiasm. You can be as involved as you like. Annual memberships start at $40, and our fun activities are endless!  Purchase a WSMA membership here!